Happy Pet Store —— Rescue Koala

Happy Pet Store introduced its new arrival---Mr. Koala. Just as the pets were planning to throw him a welcome party, they found Mr. Koala lying perfectly still on a piece of sleeper. Hence, the pets took breath-taking actions to rescue Mr. Koala…

Happy Pet Store —— Luke’s Dream

Luke wished that he could have peerless Kungfu like Bruce Lee and become a Kungfu rabbit. But when he was learning Kungfu, he made a mess of the pet store. Although failed, Luke was praised by the pets for his bravery to pursue his dream.

Happy Pet Store —— Adoption

Luke hoped to be adopted by a good owner like Mrs Jenny. A lady who had lost her pet happened to come to the store to adopt a pet. Luke tried his best to dress like what the lady liked, hoping to be adopted. Therefore, he caused a lot of fun…

Happy Pet Store —— Disappeared Leman

Leman didn’t have a sense of existence in the pet store because he was unsociable. One day, his friends anxiously found Leman missing, so they started looking for him. After the twists and turn, they found out that Leman has an important position in everyone’s heart.

Happy Pet Store —— Choice Phobia

The pets created a lot of fun when they were helping Leman overcome Choice Phobia. The purpose is to help people regain confidence and establish an active and optimistic altitude towards life through the story of the Happy Pet Store.

Happy Pet Store —— Mr. Microwave Oven

The pets noticed the microwave oven brought by the hostess, so they tried all means to cook with the microwave oven. Although it didn’t turn out well at the beginning, they made delicious dishes at last.

Happy Pet Store —— Greedy Darleen

Darleen kept burping because of her greedy. The pets failed to help her with all means until Leman came up with a smart trick and solved Darleen’s burping problem.

Happy Pet Store —— Ring Accident

Buffet’s owner Giko was going to get married with Qiqi’s owner Lucy. The pets were all very happy, but they didn’t know how to get married. So, Buffet and Darleen decided to demonstrate the process for everyone, and they caused a funny disturbance on the wedding ring.
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