Founded in 2006, ORI ANIMATION is a national culture export key enterprise, national animation enterprise, Jiangsu province key cultural and scientific enterprise and Suzhou cultural industry demonstration base.

ORI ANIMATION is devoted to developing and exploring the original animation industry. At present, ORI ANIMATION, based on Ori Mansion, has built a development base for the animation culture industry integrating the creativity, production and distribution of film and animation, the introduction of brand products, the education and training of animation talents, and the animation culture exchange and overseas cultural exchanges.

At present, ORI ANIMATION has completed 5 animated feature films and 11 animated series, which have received national, provincial and municipal awards for many times.

Since 2013, ORI ANIMATION has started to implement a “Culture Going-out Strategy”, establish connections with 600 media and animation groups from 70 countries, and carry out a series of international cooperation, including international IP trade, co-production, talent exchange, service outsourcing and so on.

ORI ANIMATION will insist on actively exploring the international development path of integration and development, actively expanding the path of foreign cultural exchanges and cooperation, and endeavoring to introduce more high-quality international partners to jointly carry out exchanges and cooperation of cultural products, so as to achieve the common prosperity and development of culture.