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CGI Animation

In the original generation, Ganjiang cast a legendary sword for the King of Wu, but he was killed by the king. For the sake of avenging his father's death, Chibi assassinated the king and gave the head to a fairy Jiufang. Yet it turned out the head belongs to the King’s scapegoat.

Failure to avenge, Chibi turned into wraiths to plague the world. Moye, Chibi’s mother, regretted not protecting her son well, hence she worked with Jiufang to end the world’s misery. While fighting with the wraiths, both Moye and Jiufang fell into the metempsychosis.For the next 5 generation,they failed to find the wraith. Things change until the 7th generation,the Master of Lingxiao Pavilion cast 5 spirit beads and created a formation to captivate the wraith under the Qiyun Mountain.

However, Moye fell into the metempsychosis and turned into Aqi. She met the Linxiao Pavilion’s top disciple - Liu Ji. A more giant conspiracy is waiting for Moye.