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Sport, Family, 3D CGI

Robbie, a teenager who grew up in a hockey family, is obsessed with ice hockey VR game and refuses to fit in with the community in the real world.

And Robbie's family members are each focused on their own things. Dad Smith only cares about his hockey equipment business, mom Ellie is always complaining that no one supports her hockey coaching career, sister Nina is thinking about becoming the most popular internet star every day, and at last the silent grandpa Howard, who almost makes people unaware of his existence.

Everything changes with the arrival of Joyce, a transfer student. Joyce has been trying to become a professional hockey player, but in Froster City, there was no way for the smaller guys to win, and the rink was the domain of the "big guys”.

Joyce joins the Thunderbolts, an amateur team coached by Ellie, and sets out step by step towards an unlikely goal. Robbie is also forced to step onto the real hockey field and become a new member of the Thunderbolts team because of a series of accidents and the arrival of her family's bankruptcy crisis.

When the new hockey league competition begins, the main characters face a variety of difficult choices, and more life possibilities are waiting for them ahead.